Epson Replacement Air Filter - ELPAF41 / V13H134A41

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Epson ELPAF41 / V13H134A41 Air Filter

The Dust Filter from Epson includes one replacement dust filter which can be added to select projectors, in order to protect your system from dust, dirt, or sand.

When your projector is exposed to more than normal amounts of dust, dirt or sand its performance can be reduced which can lead to sudden malfunction and/or maintenance downtime for the unit. Dust filters can protect your system and protect your investment.

Each of the projectors listed below are designed to operate with this filter. Additional mounting equipment is not required. The Dust Filter is suitable for all projectors listed below. A projectors air filter prevents dust from accumulating on the optical elements inside the projector. Should the filter become clogged with dust particles, it will reduce the cooling fans’ effectiveness and may result in internal heat buildup and adversely affect the life of the projector. If you are replacing your lamp, it is a good time to replace your filter if you have not yet done so. Many projectors have a filter warning icon or message that will appear on the screen, when this occurs replace the filter immediately. If you do not have a filter warning icon or message, or simply are not sure, remove the filter and inspect it visually. If there is any buildup, it is too much! Protect your projector and bulb life by regularly changing filters as well as by keeping the projector free from overall dust and debris.


  • Expected Life: Up to 2000-5000 hours depending on environmental conditions
  • Compatible with the following projectors:
    • PowerLite D6150
    • PowerLite D6155W
    • PowerLite D6250