Panasonic Replacement Air Filter for the PT-DX800U & PT-DW730U series - ET-EMF300

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Panasonic Replacement Air Filter for the PT-DX800U and PT-DW730U series - ET-EMF300

The Air Filter can make projector provides clear and bright and sharp pictures for home theater, school presentation, business meeting etc, replace in your projector so you appreciate the effect of the original lights.

Our air filter made of premium quality polyurethane foam, fit in projector perfectly, no modification needed, all you need to do is opening the air filter cover then replace the old air filter.

Each of the projectors listed below are designed to operate with this filter. Additional mounting equipment is not required. The Dust Filter is suitable for all projectors listed below.


  • Compatible with the following projectors:
    • PT-DX800U and PT-DW730U series of projectors
    • PT-DX610, PT-DX800, PT-DX810 and PT-DZ770
    • PT-DW640, PT-DW730 and PT-DW740
    • ET-EMF300, ET-LAD60, ET-LAD60W, ET-LAD60A and ET-LAD60AW