OSRAM P-VIP 210/0.8 E19.4-69572-1 Year Warranty

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Experience the performance benefits of this genuine OSRAM P-VIP bulb. OSRAM works closely with TV and Projection OEM's to ensure bright, crisp, long-lasting performance from your TV or front projection device.

  • Genuine, high quality P-VIP lamp replacement
  • Free ground shipping
  • Backed by our 1-Year Manufacturer's Warranty


Lamp Specifications

Specifications Data
Product Code 69572
Projector/TV Brand OSRAM
Model P-VIP 210/0.8 E19.4
Maximum Wattage 210W
Warranty 1 Year
Additional Information

Looking for projector replacement bulbs on-line can be frustrating with so many suppliers and a wide range of pricing options. Lower prices for projector assemblies using generic lamps can be tempting, but can also result in low performance, pre-mature lamp failure, and even lamp ruptures that could cause damage to your projection device. Also be aware that some low-priced branded options could be made using low quality counterfeit lamps.